Carousel Rehearsal Schedule

All evening rehearsals start at 7.30pm All Sunday rehearsals start at 2.00pm


PSP – Pilrig St Paul’s Church Hall, Pilrig Street
MPC – Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace
WPC – Wardie Parish Church, Primrose Bank Road
STAG – St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, George


Monday, 17th June                  Full Cast (Music and Dance)               PSP

Monday, 24th June                 Full Cast (Music and Dance)               PSP

Tuesday, 25th June                  Principals (Music)                               MPC

Monday, 1st July                      Full Cast (Production)                         PSP

Tuesday, 2nd July                     Principals (Production)                       MPC

Monday, 2nd September         Full Cast (Production/Dance)            PSP

Tuesday, 3rd September         Principals (Production)                       MPC

Monday, 9th September         Full Cast (Production/Dance)            PSP

Tuesday, 10th September       Principals (Production)                       MPC

Monday, 16th September       Full Cast (Production/Dance)            PSP

Tuesday, 17th September       Principals (Production)                       MPC

Sunday, 22nd September         Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Tuesday, 24th September       Principals (Production)                       MPC

Wednesday, 25th September  Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Sunday, 29th September         Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Tuesday, 1st October              Principals (Production)                       MPC

Wednesday 2nd October         Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Sunday, 6th October                Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Tuesday, 8th October              Principals (Production)                       MPC

Wednesday, 9th October        Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Sunday, 13th October              Full Cast                                              Time TBC

Monday, 14th October            Full Cast                                              Time TBC

Tuesday, 15th October            Principals (Production)                       MPC

Wednesday, 15th October      Full Cast (Production/Dance)            TBC

Saturday, 19th October           Full Cast – Bandcall                             WPC

Sunday, 20th October             Full Cast – Church Hill Theatre           Time TBC

Monday, 221st October          Full Cast – Church Hill Theatre           Time TBC

Tuesday, 22nd October           DRESS REHEARSAL                              Begins 7.15pm


Wednesday 23rd– Saturday 26thOctober – PERFORMANCES   7.30pm (Matinee 2.30pm)